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What is “SI.MA.-A.E.P.”

The Network “Today’s Student – Tomorrow’s Active Citizen of the World (SI.MA. A.E.P.)” is an expansion and continuation of the Teachers’ Network entitled “I am a Child: I exist – I feel – I claim”, which was created in the framework of the implementation of the European Comenius Regio Program of the Administration Office of Secondary Education of the Second Region (Region B) of Athens 2013 – 2015 and was distinguished because of its actions. Therefore, following a joint request by many teachers of the Administration Office of Region B of Athens who participated in the previous Network, the “SI.MA. A.E.P.” Network was created, as its evolution. Based on the experience of the previous Network as well as on the good practices resulting from the partnership of the European Comenius Regio Program of the Administration Office of Region B of Athens with the European Schoolnet Program “Empower – Enable” having as an aim building knowledge and enhancing the collective capacity building and change of the members of the wider educational community.

In its pilot phase of operation, it utilizes a core derived from the School Network of the European Program. This was attended by teachers, of different teaching fields, from 158 schools in a total of 172 units under the Administration Office of Region B of Athens as well as a Network of 240 Students – Mentors, entitled “Inform – Educate – Prevent Violence at School”, who were trained using the method of “Peer – to – peer education”. Therefore, the present Network not only carries on, but also expands the horizon of the above partnerships.

The “SI.MA. A.E.P.” Network. commenced its practices with the participation of thirty-five (35) School Units of the Administration Office of Region B of Athens having as a prospect its future expansion. Its purpose is to prepare today’s students and active citizens of tomorrow for their integration into the multicultural and particularly demanding society of the 21st century, having realized that collective action is systemic and multifactorial.

Its thematic axes, as defined in its operating official guidelines, are: a) Education of tomorrow’s Active World Citizen – Sustainable Education, b) Humanistic Values, c) Human Rights, d) Emotional Intelligence-Psychosocial Skills, e) Democratic Citizen, f) Digital Citizenship, g) European Citizenship, h) Citizen of the Global Community.

As long as methodology is concerned, the Network utilizes or creates innovative good practices with the help of contemporary tools of approach, proceeding to in-school and inter-school practices aiming at raising awareness among teachers and students on a large range of issues, the diverse dissemination of such practices to the wider Greek and European community as suggestions – sources of inspiration for teachers and students, and thus strengthening the collaborative approach among schools,  teachers and students. During the six years of its operation, it functions as a key channel of cooperation between a large number of schools of the Administration Office of Region B of Athens and within its framework a number of actions are carried out and are highlighted in cooperation with institutions and organizations operating at local, regional and national level, expanding, among other things, school life to the wider community.